Artificial Turf Phoenix

Whether you’re an Arizona homeowner looking to make improvements to your home or a contractor looking for high-quality synthetic turf, GoGreen Turf & Supplies is your go-to partner. It’s our mission to not only provide the best DIY turf options for residential consumers but also to help everyone in the community experience the benefits of this landscaping choice. Discover how to best take advantage of our artificial grass in Phoenix and reach out to our team today if you have any questions! Feel free to shop for yourself on our website right now to find the best option for you!


GoGreen Turf & Supplies Artificial Turf Phoenix Services

At GoGreen Turf & Supplies, we proudly help both individual homeowners and contractors find the best synthetic turf materials to complete their projects. Whether you’re looking to take on a DIY turf project or need help with the actual artificial turf Phoenix installation, trust our staff to help you every step of the way. We’re eager to help more people across Arizona reap the benefits of always-gorgeous green landscaping without having to commit as much time, energy, money, and water to maintain its upkeep. Our organization is a preferred source of artificial grass in Phoenix and provides up to an 18-year warranty on all the products we sell and install. If you’re interested in redoing your property with this cost-effective, beautiful artificial turf, request a free quote from us online now!

Different Artificial Turf Phoenix Selections

Lucky when it comes to artificial turf Phoenix products, there are a few different options in order to accommodate as many needs as possible. At GoGreen Turf & Supplies, we happily provide several different types of synthetic turf that are all non-toxic, non-abrasive, and lead-free:



It’s important to stay within your budget when you’re taking on a residential or commercial landscaping project. It’s for this reason GoGreen Turf & Supplies offers a few different budget-friendly options in order to help achieve a beautiful, non-expensive look. Discover which is best for you: Laguna, Platinum Dream, or Palo Verde.



If you‘re a family with a dog or other outdoor pets, you don’t have to choose between safe and beautiful DIY turf options! Our artificial grass in Phoenix is available in a specific pet-friendly version that’s treated with a UV protectant and free of dangerous chemicals and metals. Additionally, we offer an artificial turf Phoenix dog run selection if that is better for your needs.


Golf turf

If you’re a large-scale operation looking to make some changes, or a golf enthusiast looking to improve your game, browse our putting green DIY turf and artificial turf Phoenix chipping greens.

Benefits of Choosing Artificial Grass in Phoenix

GoGreen Turf & Supplies is passionate about helping homeowners, contractors, and other clients take the first step in improving their lives. Not only are all of our artificial grass Phoenix products created without toxic materials and without lead, but they also provide a wealth of other benefits:


Ideal for all family types

No matter if you’re a small or large family, with or without outdoor pets, GoGreen’s artificial turf is perfect.


Requires no watering

Instead of taking the time and gallons of water to water your traditional lawn, choose artificial grass to help conserve this important resource.


Stays attractive year-round

The harsh Arizona heat and outdoor conditions won’t cause any damage to your new lawn.


Easy to care for

Taking care of your artificial grass Phoenix installation is incredibly easy with our professional care guide.

Contact GoGreen Turf & Supplies for Synthetic Turf

Maintain your residential and commercial landscape with GoGreen Turf & Supplies’ help! Investing in our synthetic turf products — either with the help of our expansive project installation team or with DIY turf — is possible when you contact us directly or visit our showroom. Get started with your own free quote now!