Care Guide

Care and Maintenance Guide

Thank you for choosing GoGreen Turf & Supplies for your landscaping needs! Artificial turf is beneficial not only for purposes of keeping our water bills under control, but also for its low-maintenance nature. Here you will find a few easy ways to help keep your turf clean and protected for years to come.


All artificial turf is pet-friendly; however, there are steps that can be taken to ensure the cleanliness of your new grass. We offer different infills specifically designed to keep the odors and bacteria due to pet waste at a minimum, which we highly recommend. However, if you have decided against these options, you can still do your part to help prevent unpleasant smells. There is never a guarantee as every pet is different, but a little preventative action can go a long way.

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For heavily used areas with multiple small dogs or one large dog, use Simple Green bi-weekly over the area your pet has chosen to be their bathroom. Simple Green can be purchased from our store. It’s a non-toxic, antimicrobial liquid that helps to kill the bacteria that causes odors. Attach a chemical sprayer (sold in-store) to your hose and follow the directions on the bottle for best results. For low to mildly used areas, once a month will usually suffice.

General Debris and Dust/Treatment

If you have trees, bushes, or other debris-causing plants in your yard, the quicker the messes are removed the better. If left too long, they can work themselves deeper into the fibers of the turf which makes clean-up a little more difficult. If you find yourself with dusty or leafy turf, you can clean up the same way you would with natural grass with a few exceptions.

  • For small, lighter debris, use a blower to remove these items from your turf. You may also want to use the “suction” feature should your blower have it, but please use caution, as using too much force or getting too close to the turf may cause some of the infill to be sucked up.
  • Larger, heavier debris can be removed with a light plastic rake or thick-bristled wide broom. Drag lightly across the surface of your turf with the flow (grain) to prevent working debris into the fibers. Drag the broom against the grain to fluff it back up again should your turf need it. If you are using a rake, just be careful not to apply too much pressure to the point where the rake begins to catch the thatch loops, which are the brown fibers inside the grass.
  • It is not uncommon to have weeds spring up around the edges of your turf. Regardless of preventative measures, such as herbicide treatments or the use of weed barrier fabrics, seeds will sometimes get caught between the border of your turf and the turf itself when wind, birds, trees, etc. drop them there. Simply use Round Up or any pale-colored or dye-free weed killer to rectify. Always keep the edge of your turf clean and free from tree droppings, as they can make the issue worse.
  • Never lay lawn equipment on your turf, as the heat that radiates off blowers, mowers (you can probably just sell that at this point anyway!), gas-powered clippers, or anything along those lines can and will melt the blades on your new turf. This is something that isn’t covered under any warranty, so always be cautious and advise your landscapers to be mindful.
  • If the turf shows signs of wear or puncture due to above ground pools, patio furniture, trampolines, playgrounds sets, dog houses, etc. being placed on the turf, that is not included in your warranty. While you don’t have to remove these items from your turn entirely, it is important to understand that if something happens to an area of your turf that’s directly related to one of those items, we are not responsible for replacement. This does not, however, void the warranty in general. If you are within your manufacturer’s warranty and there is something defective with the turf as a whole, you would still be covered. There is more information available in the warranty sheet attached along with this Care Guide. If there is something that is unclear or not covered in this or in your warranty, please, feel free to call or email us! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you again, and we hope you love your new yard!