Water Conservation With Turf

When it comes to high-quality synthetic turf, GoGreen Turf & Supplies is your go-to partner. Although our mission to provide the best DIY turf for each client is just about looks, the water conservation levels with artificial turf are something to write about! As one of the best turf companies in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re here to talk about artificial turf and its many positive traits associated with water conservation. Please take a look at our latest quality materials at our shop today!

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Artificial turf is good-looking and affordable, but it helps conserve more than three billion gallons of water as it helps the environment. According to syntheticturfcouncil.org, the average 1,800 square foot lawn will save 99,000 gallons of water a year when landscaped with synthetic turf, which is 70% of a homeowner’s water bill! The state of Arizona and the community of Phoenix will thank you for aiding your contribution to energy and water conservation with an even greater-looking landscape after your upgrade.

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Great Water Conservation Rates No Matter Your Selection

Great water conservation levels with artificial turf aren’t just for having a great-looking lawn; other key factors to consider are:

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We have a plethora of awesome budget-friendly options for anyone looking to get on the artificial turf game. The best part? You can still choose from quality options like Laguna, Platinum Dream, or Palo Verde.

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Help the environment with better water conservation while also being a perfectly safe terrain option for your pets to run freely on. We also offer specific pet-friendly versions of our artificial turf that maintain the same rates of water conservation levels.

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Golf turf

Nothing says a good game of golf like a dried and well-conditioned terrain. Our signature chipping greens turf options allow for full enjoyment of the game while conserving water at a much better rate than standard lawns that wish they had a golf setup like this!

Additional Benefits To Consider

Along with stellar levels of water conservation, artificial turf brings a myriad of benefits to consider, such as:

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Recycled Material

The artificial turf at the source allows for the re-use of materials that would have been otherwise discarded, such as tires, as the perfect solution for your land.

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Elimination Of Pesticides and Fertilizer

Your artificial turf is conserving more water and not demanding a high use of chemicals to control unwanted bugs and plants. Your turf wipes away the presence of these chemicals so much that the EPA will thank you each night for a better environment with less toxic runoff.

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Lower Energy Consumption

Less lawn maintenance reduces energy use and resources needed for things like lawn mowers and weed whackers.

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By investing in our synthetic turf products, you will be helping in your contribution to better water conservation levels and leaving a better environmental impact overall. And your lawn will look awesome, too! Get started with a free quote today!

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